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  The Maharashtrian Bugdi
 The traditional Bugdi or Bugadi is a unique ornament. It is worn on the the upper rim of the ear ie the earlobe. These ornaments were made in gold and were studded in precious stones or pearls for added beauty. The Bugdi has two parts which are joined with a gold wire. the earlobe was pierced and the two parts lay on either sides. Such was the charm of this unique piece that a very popular Marathi song "Bugadi majhi sandli ga.." was composed and it remains popular till today.
Most of the women do not pierce the upper part of the earlobe and hence a new variant of the Bugdi was born. As seen in the picture the Bugdi is of the press variety. One simply has to put it over the earlobe and press it. Several beautiful ones are available in the market. Most popular ones are with colourful ones with beads and rhinestones and pearls. For more Traditional jewelry visit